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etoway 5 inch android phone

Product Name: 

   etoway 5 inch android phone
Product Details:


Chipset:   MTK quad-core 1.3Ghz
Network:   4G LTE,  3G  WCDMA , 2G GSM 850/1900Mhz
Display:    5 inch IPS
Phone :     Dual SIM dual standby phone
Touch:      Capacitive screen 
Camera:    Dual Camera,front-5MP, back-5.0MP
System:     Android 8.1
WIFI:          Support 802.11b/g/n
Broadcast:  Standar ETSI TS 123041 v12 and compatible the channel ranges  
                    between 4352 a 6399 (alert system public)
Bluetooth:     Support
Smart wake:  Support
Face recognition unlock:  Support
GPS:          Support
USB:          5 Pin micro USB
Eearphone: 3.5mm
Battery:      2500mAh
Banda de transmisión:   824 - 849 Mhz; 1850-1910 Mhz
Banda de recepción:      869 - 894 Mhz; 1930-1990 Mhz
Transmisión: 3.40dBm máx (850 MHz); 29.81 dBM máx (1900 Mhz)
Tasa específica (SAR)   0.45 W/Kg máx (cabeza); 1.16 W/Kg máx (cuerpo)
One or Two Sim Card Slot (Optional)
WCDMA (Optional)
LTE (Optional)
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (Optional)
Bluetooth (YES), Bluetooth Power transmition: 2.4 Ghz band  3.83dBm Max (Optional)
WLAN Power transmition: 2.4 Ghz band  9.14dBm Max (Optional)
Cell Broadcast (YES)

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